The 21 Memes of NAIDOC!

The 21 Memes of NAIDOC!

The 21 Memes of NAIDOC


We’re all a sucker for a good meme but we’re even more of a sucker for… NAIDOC. What better way to celebrate Black Christmas by partnering with the best Koori meme aficionado there is Kira Djnalie of Beautiful, Talented & Deadly to meme us into the week in style!

Whether you’re making tea for the Aunties at the Elder’s tent or being asked by your cousins to go ask for one extra free NAIDOC T-shirt this list will get you where you need to go.

NAIDOC Morning Tea!


That feeling when you didn’t realise it was NAIDOC this week and you might be going to miss out on the morning tea (just kidding, you’ve been planning for this all year baby!)

You get a free pass for mischief this week!


That’s exactly how NAIDOC works, you’re also allowed to steal you land back!

You got a lot of things to do this week.



Really this week is all about you, and family, and the march, and the community day, and the chores you have to do for Nan and Pop. All of that aside this is the deadliest week of all time.

Remember to assert your dominance around your colleagues.


I’m a traditional owner, get out of my way!

You can change your name legally to NAIDOC week right?


Why would you want to be called anything else? 

When you get assigned to run the Elder’s tent!



There’s only so many ways to mess up when making tea but you manage to find several of them.

It’s fine though cause you’re an expert, you’ve trained for this.


Do you need that? Yes, yes you do? Why shouldn’t you have it!


And supporting local First Nations artists and artisans is the way to go!

Pass the AUX chord there la


That feeling when you’re making your banging NAIDOC playlist

You should never take crap from no one, but especially during NAIDOC.


I also have a card that says I have a licence to kill (during NAIDOC).

We really, really, really love NAIDOC.



“I’m just gonna go visit the sand circle for a bit Mum. I’ll be back later!




“Then I’m going to go hit up the food stalls”


Just kidding though… I’m still at the sand circle.

So, you said that we get to do anything we want this week?


Yes that’s exactly right. It’s lore.

When Mum catches up with you


Getting roped back in to help with something.

Sun’s going down, time for more NAIDOC fun


Y’all ready for all of this?

When you finally get to the NAIDOC after party


This is the best!

Don’t have too much of a big night though!


Cause in the morning it’s your time to dance on the sand circle.



I can feel the power of culture within me!

Then when NAIDOC is over and you have to actually go back to work and see your manager.



I’m already planning for next year friend, NAIDOC is all I need to fulfill me! But it’s not just memes and NAIDOC events, it’s the important lessons you learn along the way. 😉

See you all next time! 

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