Amy LF

Amy is one of the co-hosts of Trash Tiddas and is currently working on her first solo outing.

Amy is a queer Yuwi mental health professional, content creator, producer and self-described icon living on Darkinjung land. 

Amy is most passionate about creating work that challenges fatphobia, embraces neuroscience and rejects the evils of toxic positivity. She has long history of championing the rights and wellbeing of young people and is the true embodiment of Big Aunty Energy.

She has almost 10 years working in the mental health profession, where she has been invited to speak on a multitude of panels about the impacts of colonisation on first nations people, parenting practices, the impacts of mental health and fatphobia and healthy relationships across the lifespan. She has created content for schools, families, children and young people. She has also produced social media with creators across sectors and managed both corporate and social events for a wide range of audiences.