Brooke Scobie

Brooke is one of the hosts of Yarn Quest and Trash Tiddas.

Brooke Scobie (she/they) is a Goorie AuDHD mum, multi-disciplinary artist, business mentor,
and podcaster with a vibrant voice in the audio and literary communities. Born and raised
on Bediagal land, they now reside on Darkinjung land. With over 15 years in community
services and 5 years in the arts, their qualifications include a Diploma of Creative &
Indigenous Writing (2020), an Associate Degree in Applied Social Science (2017), and a
Diploma of Management (2013).

Brooke’s work has earned national recognition, achieving 2nd place in the 2020 Judith
Wright Poetry Prize and being a finalist for the 2023 David Unaipon award. Their work, often
described as a love letter to Country and the marginalised, has been featured in prestigious
publications like Overland Journal, Running Dog, Red Room Poetry, and SBS. Additionally,
they have captivated audiences with performances at the Sydney Biennale, Melbourne
Writers Festival, Queer Stories, and the NSW Slam Poetry Championships.

In the realm of community work, Brooke has a rich background spanning diverse sectors
including mediation, counselling, youth work, housing, out-of-home care, career transition,
and education. Their expertise lies in community building, program creation, project
management, and partnership development across corporate, non-profit, and government

Turning to voice-over artistry, Brooke’s versatile vocal skills have contributed significantly to
projects such as improving the accessibility of exhibitions at the Art Gallery of NSW. They
have also lent their voice to the 2023 Jameson Orange podcast ads. As a podcaster, they
have engaged audiences young and old with shows like Yarn Quest for children and the
humorous adult-oriented Trash Tiddas.

Brooke’s multifaceted career highlights her unique perspective and dedication to both
creative expression and community enrichment.