Brooke Scobie

Brooke is one of the hosts of Yarn Quest and Trash Tiddas.

Brooke Scobie is a queer Goorie woman, single mum, writer, podcast host, and community worker. Brooke’s Bundjalung Nan was raised in the Mallanganee area of Northern NSW, until she was removed at 10 and placed in Bidura Girls Home in Sydney then put to unpaid work in a Glebe men’s boarding house.

Brooke was born and bred on Bidjigal Country in South West Sydney and now lives on Darkinjung land working in a community organisation. When she’s not doing front-line community work, Brooke is writing. Since her days of bad teenage poetry, Brooke has been fanatical about words. It was the birth of her daughter in 2016 however, that pushed her to pursue her craft more seriously.

When she’s hosting Podcasts or writing poetry, fiction or scathing opinion pieces, Brooke is dedicated to telling stories that centre Blak identities, queer love, family, and unpacking some of the big issues that affect First Nations’ communities and countries. She is most passionate about creating stories for all the weird kids out there that need to see themselves in fantastical stories of joy and adventure.

Brooke has been published in Bankstown Slam Poetry Anthology (2014), Running DogVerity LA, Red Room Poetry’s Writing Water: Rain, River, Reef, and SBS. She was recently awarded 2nd place in the 2020 Judith Wright Poetry prize with her Poem ‘Bidjigal Double Brick Dreaming’ and has completed the course ‘Writing a Novel I & II’ through a First Nations Scholarship at the Faber Writing Academy (Allen & Unwin) and is now working on her first full-length novel.

Brooke has a Diploma of Creative and Indigenous Writing, an Associate Degree in Applied Social Science, and a Diploma of Management.