Lucy Norton

Lucy Norton is a queer & gender diverse writer and poet currently living on Gadigal country.

Lucy Norton is a queer, Koori and Quechua gender diverse person currently living on Gadigal country. She is a writer/poet, a trained death doula, an alternative trauma healing practitioner, and all round creative who operates from a decolonial and abolitionist lens. Their writing is often reflective of their upbringing as a poor, mixed heritage kid who was disconnected from culture. It seeks to highlight the legacy of colonisation left on First Nations families, and her personal reclamation through decolonisation practices, and connecting with the land, spirit, ancestors and more than human kin.

For the past few years Lucy has been running a small business, Magpie Song Healing, alongside her sister Jessie. Together they offer empowering practices such as Wayapa Wuurrk, breathwork, and alternative trauma healing. She has a love of weaving as a means of connecting to her ancestors and shares this through workshops with her sister. Lucy is also a trained end-of-life doula, who is passionate about decolonising death care, educating people on their rights and normalising conversations about grief.

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