Melanie Mununggurr

Melanie Mununggurr is a Djapu mother, writer, poet and spoken word artist. Melanie writes in both English and Dhuwal about identity, family, autism and various social issues.

Melanie Mununggurr is a Djapu woman from Bukudal, North East Arnhem Land. Mother to two incredible little humans, writer of a multitude of stories, novels and poems – some of which are finished works, most of which are works in progress.

A writer since she could hold a crayon, she has only discovered the true beauty and importance of her craft, since winning the 2018 Australian Poetry Slam. During her time travelling to six countries – Canada, USA, Bali, Singapore, Macau and Hong Kong – she realised how much her stories deserved to be heard and how much people wanted to listen. Having the platform to share her experience as a First Nations queer mother of two, one of whom is autistic, solidified the need to continue raising awareness about autism and sharing stories of motherhood. Melanie’s obligation to raise awareness about the atrocities First Nations people in Australia have faced, and continue to face to this day and the urgency in preserving languages has intensified over recent year. Her dedication to magnifying the voices and actions of Blak, Brown, First Nations, Indigenous Women of Colour, and the importance of supporting the arts was enhanced through travel,  the people Melanie met along the way and the numerous gaps she observed in the information that is available and accessed. 

Not only is writing and using her voice political but it’s also Melanie’s catharsis. Her words are her legacy that will continue to survive long after her body is laid to rest beneath the mawarraki tree, by the ocean, in the white sand from whence it came. Melanie says “I write to be free. I write so my children can be free. I speak to be heard. I speak to elevate voices of those who cannot be heard. I write and speak for peace and pride and change.”

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