Blak List Vol. 10: Celebrating Djanaba and the sounds of Blak Electronica

by Travis De Vries

Blak List Vol. 10: Celebrating Djanaba and the sounds of Blak Electronica


Welcome back to Blak List, your monthly journey through the vibrant world of Blak music and the Blak Loud playlist on Amazon Music. Big thanks to Amazon Music for their continued support of this curation by the Awesome Black team.

In this edition, we have an exciting lineup, including a spotlight on the talented Djanaba, a celebration of Blak electronica, and a showcase of new tracks from Radical Son, A.B. Original, and Tia Goestelow’s latest album. We also have a bunch of Blak music showcases to highlight in SXSW Sydney including a major announcement from Blak Label Music.

So, let’s get started.


Spotlight on DJanaba

Our feature artist this month is the incredibly talented DJanaba. Hailing from just down the road from me, DJanaba has been making waves with her upfront, bouncy and fun lyrics paired with great electronic beats. Her latest single, “F.U.” is a testament to her unique style and out there pride. Alongside the new single we’ll dive into Djanaba’s back catalogue,with a few of her earlier singles being pulled out for the playlist. So proud to have her as a feature artist this month. 


Blak Electronica


We’re turning up the electronic beats in this edition as we celebrate the thriving world of Blak electronica. Discover the artists who are pushing boundaries, blending traditional sounds with futuristic beats, and creating a genre that’s uniquely their own. From dreamy ambient tracks to high-energy dancefloor bangers, Blak electronica is a force to be reckoned with.


New Releases


This month, we’re thrilled to bring you new tracks from some of your favorite Blak artists. Radical Son’s “Until You Call My Name” is a haunting and soul-stirring exploration of identity and heritage. A.B. Original is back with their raw and unapologetic style in “Yes”, a heavily charge political track following up Briggs getting behind the Yes campaign in this year’s referendum. 


I do want to highlight something I especially missed in Tia Goestelow’s latest album: Head Noise, a captivating journey through her musical evolution and the album we’re going to deep dive on for our next article. 



Huge announcements from Blak Label Music with their SXSW Sydney showcase: Play Blak, featuring an absolutely sweet lineup of performances. Loren Ryan, Velvet Trip, Bumpy, South Summit and of course my fav… Jada Weazel. The showcase is on Wednesday 18th October at the Hollywood Hotel, hope to see you all there.


What to Expect in This Month’s Playlist


Our Blak Loud playlist for this month is a carefully curated collection of tracks that celebrate the diversity and creativity of First Nations artists. We’ve got Djanaba’s latest hit, as well as the best of Blak electronica and the newest releases from Radical Son, A.B. Original, and Tia Goestelow. Dive into the playlist and immerse yourself in the incredible sounds of Blak music. I know there is some incredible new projects from Blak artists heading our way later this month and I can’t wait to share them with you. 


And remember, we’re always eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Feel free to drop us a line at with your feedback, music recommendations, or simply to share your love for Blak music.


Thanks for joining us for Blak List Vol. 10. We’ll be back soon with more exciting Blak music discoveries. In the meantime, you can listen to the Blak Loud playlist, featuring fifty tracks from extraordinary First Nations artists, on Amazon Music. Let us know what’s resonating with you, and keep those music suggestions coming. Until next time, stay Blak and stay absolutely pumped for Blak Music!


Listen to the full playlist here 

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