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EP 105 – Aboriginal Influencers

We’re your favourite new Aboriginal Influencers! Be Influenced! This week’s adult themes include: AAMA ((I’m an) Aboriginal, Ask Me Anything), Aboriginal Influencers, Wearing Skins, Speak To Your Baby Daddy?,...

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3 – The Koorier

Travis meets a new visitor to the Warriors of New Dreaming compound: The Koorier, a man of mystery, odd job doer and spiritual connector, a being who has been...

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EP 104 – The Meme That Shook The World

A subversive meme made by Travis gets seen by 40,000 people. This week on Broriginals we do something a little different, we follow the life cycle of a meme...

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BRORIGINALS – EP 102 – We’re Getting Political

It’s 2021 now and we’re brainstorming new directions for the show, join us for a brainstorm! We could do anything we want with this show, even run for local...

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