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2 – Warrior Librarian

2 – Warrior Librarian This episode a new guest joins Travis as he begins to explore the Warriors of New Dreaming compound: Drew River...

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Megapod: 2020 Crossover Extravaganza

Join Noon, Travis, Jo & Leah, a ragtag assembly of deep cover agents from the podcasting underground. They emerge blinking like naked mole people...

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Fear of a Blak Planet – Episode 1 – Warriors of New Dreaming

Hiya Huya Hoya! Instead of a Broriginals episode this week we’re showing you episode 1 of Awesome Black’s new show: Fear of a Blak...

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1 – Warriors of New Dreaming

1 – Warriors of New Dreaming   Hi. I’m Travis, a podcaster. I recently met some folk who claim to be from the paramilitary...

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EP 101 – You Can’t Eat a Shake

Thirsty boys, that’s right we’re thirsty, and you can’t eat a shake. This week’s spooky adult themes include: BroTime, Klu Klux Dogs, A History...

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Bourbon Legends – EP 2 – The Westall Ufo Sighting

Welcome to Bourbon Legends, a drink fuelled journey through the myths, legends and stories of the great southern land. In episode 2 we journey...

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