November 20, 2021

#8 Dead Skin on the Dinner Table


About the Show

The Trash Tiddas struggle through watching yet another episode of the most punishing season of the Bachelorette. This week they talk what’s spicy outside of the house, who is scissoring who and petition for Rowdy Waldon to be the next Bachelor! And look out Aunty Peppa is back with more scathing growls, and a special poem she wrote after one too many teas.

Hosted by Tully De Vries, Amy LF and Brooke Scobie

Trashstrology by Lu and Jessie Norton of Magpie Song Healing

Guest Aunty Peppa

Produced by Amy LF

Edited by Travis De Vries & Brooke Scobie

Music by Source Decay

An Awesome Black Podcast

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Trash Tiddas
Trash Tiddas
#8 Dead Skin on the Dinner Table
#8 Dead Skin on the Dinner Table

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