December 22, 2022

Episode 21: Write Your Own Stories!


About the Show

Storytelling is the heart of Yarn Quest, so why don’t you have a go at writing your own?

In the Write Your Own Stories episode of Yarn Quest we hear a story from Sibyl and Aunty Brooke. They tell us their very own made-up story all about being a writer. Then Aunty Brooke will take you through writing your very own fiction (that’s made up) story! Then we hear from published writer and editor Jasmin McGaughey, she shares with us why writing stories is her favourite thing ever, and how you could become a writer when you grow up.

Thank you to Yarnie Sibyl for their help with this episode.

Anyone under 18 can submit to Yarn Quest. If you want to submit a story, an idea or even a drawing for the next episode find us on Instagram @yarnquest_ or send us an email to Don’t forget to check out for our free downloadable activity sheet for every episode!

Expert Guest: Jasmin McGaughey

Hosted by: Brooke Scobie & Uncle Mot

Executive Producer: Jade Goodwin

Producers: Tully De Vries & Brooke Scobie

Mixing and editing by: Brooke Scobie & Travis De Vries

Artwork by: Jade Goodwin 

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Yarn Quest
Episode 21: Write Your Own Stories!
Episode 21: Write Your Own Stories!

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