August 2, 2023

INTRODUCING: Caitlin & Travis Are Unstoppable


About the Show

Introducing a new show by Travis and collaborator Caitlin: Caitlin & Travis Are Unstoppable.

This is the first episode…

Welcome to the first episode of our podcast loser.

The origin story of a podcast made by two people who are half qualified.

To find resources for how you too can become unstoppable please send a self-addressed return envelope to Gary Bussey, he knows what’s up.

Travis and Caitlin are Unstoppable is a podcast made independently by Travis De Vries and Caitlin Kay-Smith.

This episode was made possible with help from Made in Katana.

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INTRODUCING: Caitlin & Travis Are Unstoppable
INTRODUCING: Caitlin & Travis Are Unstoppable

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