Sasha Smith

Sasha Smith

Host, The ASH Podcast


Sasha Smith is a sex worker living in Adelaide as well as the co-host of The ASH podcast. She is also an up and coming and screenwriter and editor and regularly works with SIN and SIDAC to advocate for the decriminalisation of sex work in South Australia.

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Sasha Smith is a Boandik (South East South Australia) woman currently living and working on Kaurna Yerta (Adelaide). She has been working in the sex industry for 5 years working primarily in brothels around the country and internationally. 

She also currently co-hosts The ASH (Aboriginal Sexual Health) podcast where she shares stories of her sex work experience while also highlighting some of the issues sex workers face. She is a strong advocate for decriminalisation of the sex industry and is regularly involved with SIN, sex industry network and SIDAC, the sex industry decrim action committee based in Adelaide. Through this work she has also been given the opportunity to write and consult on an upcoming Noble Savage Production; a fictional TV show still in early development called Rough which follows a young Aboriginal woman and her journey into entering the sex industry.  As well as Rough, she has been asked to join the editorial team for an upcoming sex worker run journal, TOS.