Chicken Salt Baes

Chicken Salt Baes is an Indigenous Dungeons & Dragons Adventure brought to you by a full crew of Indigenous creatives.

This motley crew may not be your most orthodox of adventurers, but they get things done (just not in the way you expect – which is a good thing, right?

This podcast charts the second campaign of their illustrious adventure. You can find their first campaign on the Indigitek YouTube channel and you can follow along live on Twitch.

Maurn the Revenant Goliath Barbarian: Cienan Muir @indiginerd
Shoelace the Arcane Trickster Tiefling: Karlie Noon @karlienoon
Antara the Gold Dragonborn somewhat proficient in the ways of Wild Magic: Rae Johnston @raejohnston
Zaolar the Fallen Aasimir Paladin: Celeste Carnegie @ithinkceleste
The Dungeon Master: Ben Armstrong @barmearme

The Chicken Salt Baes Twitch Stream and podcast is a co-production by Awesome Black and Indigitek. Supported by Twitch.

Narrative Design by Pidj & Ben

Graphic Design and video editing by Jimmy

Artwork by Philly Harris

Music by Source Decay

Podcast editing by Travis De Vries

Additional assistance Jade Goodwin