Travis De Vries

Travis De Vries, founder and Executive Director of Awesome Black, is a versatile cross-disciplinary artist and award-winning visual artist. As the creative force behind Awesome Black's Original Content, he has curated a collection of original properties that foster collaboration among creatives and serve as powerful vehicles for ambitious new works.

Travis’s artistic journey spans from performing with Bangarra Dance Theatre globally to crafting bespoke community programs for Indigenous performers at the Sydney Opera House. His practice, rooted in storytelling, has manifested in solo exhibitions across the UK and Australia, blending various forms like paintings, drawings, projections, and experiential sculptures. By reinventing Indigenous and Western Mythologies, Travis explores themes of Indigeneity, violence, love, and more, creating a unique and familiar experiential style.

An alumni of NAISDA Dance College and recipient of the inaugural Chairman’s Award, Travis is a trained dancer and fine artist. His skills extend to sound production, circus, digital art, design, photography, and writing, honed through residencies with prestigious institutions like Lane Cove Gallery and the Australian Museum.

With a wealth of producing experience, including roles at the Sydney Opera House and collaborations with international artists like Damon Albarn and Flying Lotus, Travis has shaped large festivals, tours, and community projects. Notable accomplishments include organizing Dance Rites, a groundbreaking traditional dance competition at the Sydney Opera House.

Travis has actively sought international opportunities and collaborations, participating in The British Council’s ACCELERATE program in 2016. He organized and engaged in international arts residencies in Paris, Barcelona, and Dublin, broadening his artistic perspectives.

In 2018, Travis was the Create NSW Aboriginal Arts Fellow, conducting a research residency at the Australian Museum. This experience laid the groundwork for a compelling large-scale exhibition in 2019, showcasing his commitment to pushing artistic boundaries.

Travis De Vries is a dynamic artist and visionary leader, continuously pushing creative boundaries and fostering collaborations that elevate Awesome Black to new heights.