June 27, 2022

#2.15 Shekakke


About the Show

Die hard Trash Family and Friends of Awesome Black go hard this week defining the second Native Sex Position, and you will not be disappointed. Tully downcycles something pretty fucken sexy and all the Tiddas can agree for once. Amy takes the lead on Trash TV and gracefully rants her way through a scathing takedown of Netflix and everything it stands for, while Brooke admits to watching a new reality show which all too closely resembles psychological torture. To lighten the mood Brooke takes Amy and Tully through Wine, Dine & 69 Sports Edition, which as you can imagine goes over sychronised swimmingly!

Hosted by Tully De Vries, Amy LF, Brooke Scobie

Produced by Amy LF

Edited by Brooke Scobie

Music by Source Decay

An Awesome Black Podcast

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Trash Tiddas
Trash Tiddas
#2.15 Shekakke
#2.15 Shekakke

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