July 19, 2022

#2.18 The Root Room


About the Show

So the Tiddas have yarned too long again, but they’re sure you will forgive them. Pull on them big girl pants, it’s time to hear way too much about Elon Musk and Donald Trump’s twitter feud. The Kardashians get a look in yet again, their inescapable. Tully defines the Triple Echidna! Brooke rants about her new favourite show and the girls plan out their Root Rooms in honour of the new show How to Build a Sex Room. Stay tuned till the end for a big TT announcement.

Hosted by Tully De Vries, Amy LF, Brooke Scobie

Produced by Amy LF, Tully De Vries, Brooke Scobie

Edited by Brooke Scobie

Music by Source Decay

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Trash Tiddas
Trash Tiddas
#2.18 The Root Room
#2.18 The Root Room

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