February 28, 2022

#2.2 81 Year Old Ball Sac


About the Show

Join the TrashTiddas as they wade through the muck of bad dates with Amy, hear about Tully’s newest downcycling creation and get the joy of Brooke yelling at us about her new favourite shitty TV show.

This week you’re invited to join the apocalypse group chat, where we figure out how we might survive the end of the world. Hint; we all go to Tully’s place.
Because we love you, you’ll even get some tips on how you too can date the Tiddas!

Can you guess what Tully’s brought from her shit drawer this week?

Hosted by Tully De Vries, Amy LF and Brooke Scobie

Produced by Amy LF

Edited by Brooke Scobie

Music by Source Decay

An Awesome Black Podcast

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Trash Tiddas
Trash Tiddas
#2.2 81 Year Old Ball Sac
#2.2 81 Year Old Ball Sac

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