April 30, 2022

#2.8 Our First White


About the Show

The Tiddas are back together (online) and it feels so good. This week Amy drags the us all through the mud of celebrity news, with a rant fueled Thots and Feelings. The Tiddas allow two of their personal whites to step in front of the mic for the very first time, with Amy’s special white Courtney giving some historically spicy insight on one particular housemate from the new season of Big Brother Aus. Tully takes the lead this week on cancelling a whole slew of people, and both Brooke and Tully regale Amy with their lurid stories of backpackers past. 

Hosted by Brooke Scobie, Amy LF & Tully De Vries 

Produced by Amy LF

Edited by Brooke Scobie

Music by Source Decay

An Awesome Black Podcast

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#2.8 Our First White

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