Yarn Quest

Hosted ByBrooke Scobie

Yarn Quest is Awesome Black's kid show where we bring to life big stories by little kids. Each episode we feature stories sent in by the kids that listen to the show. Some are written all by kids and some we help to write. Come on a wild adventure, have amazing fun and meet new friends.

Hosted by Brooke Scobie

Episode 2: Doctors and Nurses

In the second episode of Yarn Quest we hear stories about doctors, nurses and medicine. One of the stories is a bit gross but it’s really funny. Enjoy!

A huge thank you to Tane, Pania, Kira, Spencer & Ceda for writing, reading, doing the voices and submitting this episode’s stories. 

If you want to submit a story for the next episode you can send it to hello@awesomeblack.org with the subject Yarn Quest Story. The theme for the next episode is Pirates!

Thank you to Tully for voicing the Mum in the stories this week.

Yarn Quest is Hosted by Brooke Scobie
Produced by Jade Goodwin and Brooke Scobie
Artwork by Jade Goodwin
Mixing & Editing by Travis De Vries

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