Episode 4: Spooky Stories

Ooooooooooooooo! It’s a spooky time of year… In episode four of Yarn Quest our stories are haunted. So get ready to have a fun, spooky time with Jokes and Facts from Kira and a special visit from Uncle Trav.

A huge thank you to Pania, Kira, Sibyl and Uncle Trav for submitting this episode’s stories.

Anyone under 18 can submit to Yarn Quest. If you want to submit a story or an idea for the next episode, send us an email to hello@awesomeblack.org with the subject Yarn Quest Story. Don’t forget to check out www.awesomeblack.org for our  free downloadable activity sheets!

The theme for the next episode is Who Lives in the Bush!

Yarn Quest is Hosted by Brooke Scobie

Produced by Jade Goodwin, Brooke Scobie and Tully De Vries

Artwork by Jade Goodwin

Mixing & Editing by Brooke Scobie & Travis De Vries

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