April 30, 2022

Feat. Brooke Scobie


About the Show

On the first episode of the Awesome Black Summer Playlist we hear from Brooke Scobie about the five songs she is listening to this summer.

You can find all of the songs in this episode on Spotify in the Awesome Black Summer Playlist The Playlist

Track 1: Make it Better (feat. Smokey Robinson) – Anderson .Paak
Track 2: Crossroads – Tracey Chapman
Track 3: Burn – Oshen
Track 4: Oowee (feat Elijah Dax) – Junia-T

Track 5: Sugar Mama – Dua Saleh


This episode was hosted and edited by Travis De Vries


Guest Brooke Scobie


Theme music by Source Decay


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Feat. Brooke Scobie

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