April 30, 2022

Feat. Leah Ward


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Content Warning: Discussion of Victim Survivors of Sexual Assault, Language Warning (if you don’t like swears don’t listen to this one).

Episode 4 of the Awesome Black Summer Playlist we jump to a recording from the end of 2021 where Travis is joined by Leah Ward of the podcast; Loud, Angry, Not Sorry. Leah takes us through some tracks that define her and talks about how some of these songs make her feel.


You can find all of the songs in this episode on Spotify in the Awesome Black Summer Playlist The Playlist 

Track 1: READY – Montaigne
Track 2: Never Again – Mo’Ju
Track 3: Woke Blokes – Thelma Plum
Track 4: Molotov – Kira Puru

Track 5: F E M A L E – Sampa the Great


Leah Ward is best known for their work with SlutWalk, cohost of Loud, Angry & Not Sorry which focuses political system and structures from a feminist perspective. Leah is also the founder of Feminists United Australia, a collective that supports women & gender diverse women in leadership, activism & politics. In 2022 Leah will be coordinating Feminism in The Pub, check out feministsunitedaustralia.org for more details: On twitter @loudpod @clumsodorkus On Facebook: Loud, Angry & Not Sorry


This episode was hosted and edited by Travis De Vries 
Guest Leah Ward 
Theme Music by Source Decay
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Feat. Leah Ward

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