March 14, 2022

#2.3 Nadine Chemali Fan Account


About the Show

This week the Tiddas try yet another format because Uncle Podcast told us we had to get our shit together. You can expect Trash in your ears every week now! First we drool over Daddy Nadine’s new OnlyFans, then a lot of people cop Trash Wrath. Brooke demands that scomo sucks her dick, Rebel Wilson is scared of getting cancelled so Amy puts her out of her misery, and we run down the filthy scumbags on Byron Baes. Guess what weird shit has Tully brought from her chaos drawer this week? Hint: something old, something dead and two things sex related!

Hosted by Tully De Vries, Amy LF and Brooke Scobie
Produced by Amy LF
Edited by Brooke Scobie
Music by Source Decay

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Trash Tiddas
Trash Tiddas
#2.3 Nadine Chemali Fan Account
#2.3 Nadine Chemali Fan Account

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