$20/mo membership (Magpie)

$20.00 / month

  • Bonus Content
  • Awesome Black Sticker Pack
  • Premium Access
  • Membership Card
  • Members Enamel Pin


  • Member’s only section of the website that includes bonus content from every Awesome Black show and the AB Club Discord Server
  • With hours of bonus content that’s growing all the time as new creators join the Awesome Black Family, you’ll have plenty to keep you occupied.
  • Awesome Black Sticker Pack – We’ll send you a sticker pack in the mail once you’ve registered! It’ll have stickers from all the shows you enjoy!
  • Premium Access – When we do live shows, limited time shows and appearances you get premium access to announcements and pre-release tickets*
  • Membership Card – With this level of support we’ll be sending you a card that you can carry, you’ve joined a special club and you’ll want to only show other club members your card. With this card, when you purchase merchandise or tickets to shows you’ll earn loyalty points that you can apply to a merchandise purchase from the store.
  • The AB Club Members Enamel Pin

Your first contribution will be processed once you submit your Payment Details. Payments will be processed monthly after that. You’ll be able to manage your membership (changing payment accounts, upgrading, canceling, etc.) at any time

*This offer is valid where possible, not every live show will be able to offer discount level tickets due to individual agreements with presenting companies.


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