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Marley Morgan

Marley is a photographer whose work has been featured in Vogue, Frankie & Marie Claire.

Source Decay

Source Decay

Source Decay is Awesome Black’s resident composer and has made theme and episode music for Broriginals, Trash Tiddas, Yarn Quest, Fear of a Blak Planet and The Awesome Black Summer Playlist.

Jade Goodwin

I’m Jade (but most people call me Jadey) My focus and passion is to create colourful work created for a younger audience, such as children’s

Tully De Vries

Tully is a co-host of Trash Tiddas and runs the Yarn Quest education program.


Travis De Vries

Travis De Vries, founder and Executive Director of Awesome Black, is a versatile cross-disciplinary artist and award-winning visual artist. As the creative force behind Awesome Black’s Original Content, he has curated a collection of original properties that foster collaboration among creatives and serve as powerful vehicles for ambitious new works.