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Cienan Muir

Cienan is a self professed lover of all things pop culture and the creator of Indiginerd!

Photograph of Emma 'Bambz' Beukers. Emma is smiling, has blue tinted hair and is wearing glasses with black rims at the top. Emma is in her studio.

Emma (Bambz) Beukers

Bambz is a visual communication professional and artist who specialises in graphic and branding design, illustration, hand lettering and type design.

Source Decay

Source Decay

Source Decay is Awesome Black’s resident composer and has made theme and episode music for Broriginals, Trash Tiddas, Yarn Quest, Fear of a Blak Planet and The Awesome Black Summer Playlist.

Uncle Mot Dyer

Uncle Mot (or Mot as he goes by) is an avid Indigenous food appreciator. He hosts the YouTube channel Uncle Mot’s Kitchen 

Dominic Guerrera

Dominic Guerrera is a Ngarrindjeri, Kaurna and Italian person and lives on Kaurna Yarta. 

Jade Goodwin

I’m Jade (but most people call me Jadey) My focus and passion is to create colourful work created for a younger audience, such as children’s

Blake Rhodes

For the better part of a decade, MR RHODES has been a true alchemist of sounds both ancient and futuristic. Prolific producer/beat-maker, award-winning lyricist/performer and

Amy LF

Amy is one of the co-hosts of Trash Tiddas and is currently working on her first solo outing.

Tully De Vries

Tully is a co-host of Trash Tiddas and runs the Yarn Quest education program.