Awesome Black Creator Program Call Out

by Travis De Vries

Since we started in 2020 the team at Awesome Black has been working on building the company and being more able to build our communities. We like to call this hunting quietly. We’ve kicked some big goals and are feeling like it’s time to grow the AB family of shows and creatives. 

That means we need to open up our doors a little and invite some new people in. We’re looking for new podcast ideas by First Nations people and we want to help you make them. Podcasting isn’t just take one person with a microphone in their garage talking about their gnome collection, there’s a whole lot of artistry that goes into making a great show. 


With the update of our website Awesome Black is officially launching the AB Creators Program for First Nations creatives. We’re looking to bring a range of amazing people on board to work with on projects, make shows and be put forward for partner programs. We’re looking for content creators including; illustrators, artists, sound designers, composers, gamers, writers, poets, actors and community ambassadors to join the Creators Program.  

As part of our growth Awesome Black will be a creative agency for mob, connecting creators to opportunities and working with individual creatives to build the practice, business skills and audiences.

We’ll be leaning on our networks of partners and creative businesses along with the AB Club to help support creators to grow to reach their personal and professional goals.

How does the AB Creators Program work? As a First Nations creator you can get in touch with us to talk about your creative endeavours and your body of work, we’ll talk about where you are now and where you want to get to and whether we’re the right organisation to help you get there.

We’ll work with each creator to develop their goals and plan to achieve them and then we’ll connect them with the larger AB Creator Community to share skills, ideas and support. Each AB Creator will have a profile on the Awesome Black website, work with us to create and add a content channel and sell merch through the platform. We’ll also work with each creative to connect them to support through the AB Club (Awesome Black’s Philanthropy Program).

AB Creators will form a part of Awesome Black’s offering, whilst we primarily make shows, we want to make shows with lots of mob!

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