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#2.9 Clown Dick

Join the Tiddas as Tully and Brooke regale Amy with their exploits into the world of oral sex.

#2.8 Our First White

The Tiddas are back together (online) and it feels so good. This week Amy drags the us all through the mud of celebrity news, with

#2.7 Ask Aunty Peppa Volume 1

When the Tiddas are away, Aunty Peppa comes out to play! This episode Tully and Amy have abandoned Brooke, so she grabbed herself a ring

Feat. Aunty Peppa

This final week of Travis hosting we’re visited by friend of Awesome Black; Aunty Peppa and hear all about her 5 songs. You can find

Feat. Tully De Vries

Summer’s nearly over y’all! We’re slowly winding things up till next summer, this episode we’re joined by Tully De Vries who takes us through her

Feat. Leah Ward

Content Warning: Discussion of Victim Survivors of Sexual Assault, Language Warning (if you don’t like swears don’t listen to this one). Episode 4 of the